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Gallery Folders

Elegance and Time by SkyRemixer
Comm: Ciri by Korsoo
StarBearer by Emkay-MLP
ATG Day #7 - OC - Playswithstring by abydos91
With Background
Two Minutes by MisterAibo
Hotfix by MisterAibo
Sneezeling by MisterAibo
First Flight by MisterAibo
Earth Pony
[GIFT] Big T by FuzzyBrushy
[COM] Sonora Sunset by WeekendRoses
Dark Roast and Dark Roast -- Commission by PaulySentry
Shyra's New design by a-jewel-of-rarity
Crystal Amelia by Uponia
Amelia posing like a queen by Uponia
[Request] Melon Tart by Uponia
[Commision] Kawa by Uponia
Auntie Sammy by FuzzyBrushy
Cutie Adie by RuinedOmega
Sweetie Scripty by FuzzyBrushy
Wolfenshane by FuzzyBrushy
Cheerleader Starlena/Nupie(female) by NupieTheHero
Kawaii Nupie(female)/Starlena Version Outfit by NupieTheHero
Princess Scarlet Remastered by ShootingStarAJM
Spirit of Insight by SkyRemixer
Other Species
Minimal Sky by SkyRemixer
Thunder Cloud by Ambassad0r
Flame Blast by Ambassad0r
Treble Heart by ShootingStarAJM
Human and Anthro
[COM]Azure and Sapphire (EG) by Ambassad0r
[COM] Cold Front (R63) Gala Dress by Ambassad0r
[EqG] Manny And Cole by PaulySentry
Time To Get Serious by PaulySentry
Mavis NN commision by Uponia
Stellar Bubbles NN Commision (Doc Brown) by Uponia
Melinda Ghost Nightmare Night Costume (Snow White) by Uponia
Antares - Neko Fury by Mr-Blitz
Just Talking by MisterAibo
Pauly and Snowy --  Commission by PaulySentry
Milkshake by MisterAibo
[Request] Honey Ella and Romance Heart by RuinedOmega
AC 21: Design1 // OC Wallpaper by okaminekowiesel
References and Cutie Marks
Melodic Mocha by RuinedOmega
We now have a "human and anthro" folder for any of you who have done Equestria Girls or anthro versions of their pony characters! Remember that things still have to be MLP related, so don't just dump any humans in there please!
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About Us!

Welcome to MLP-OC-Vectors!

We're here to feature the awesome original characters created by vector artists everywhere!

How to Join

:bulletblack: To become a member, first you have to make MLP related vector art. To apply, please tell us what program you are using to make your vectors in your application.

Don't know what vector art is? Vector art is a special kind of art that only certain programs can make. Vectors are made with shapes, lines and curves instead of pixels. Vectors can be scaled infinitely and easily modified. A vector looks like this.

Rules for Submissions

:bulletred: Submit to whatever folder your character appears to be in the piece. For example: if your Pegasus' wings get zapped off by a magic spell, they go in the Earth Pony folder.

:bulletorange: Crossovers is for ponies made to represent characters from other things. Remember, they must still be OCs! Pinkie Pie dressed up like a Pokémon Trainer doesn't belong here, but a pony created to look like Batman would.

:bulletyellow: Feel free to submit pieces that include canon characters to the group folder. It is preferred that half or more of the characters in the piece are OCs.

:bulletgreen: There is a mild quality requirement for submissions. We do not judge OCs based on their designs, however, we do not accept ponies traced from the pony creator.

:bulletblue: We accept art of a mature nature only if it has a mature content filter on it. We do not, however, accept art that is sexually explicit.

:bulletpurple: There is a submission limit of 6 pieces per week. This will hopefully encourage artists to only submit their best pieces and avoid submitting multiple versions of the same piece.

Don't know how to make vectors? Check out our sister group!









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aqua-pony Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Can I join, please?I use ponyscape (inkscape sometimes).All vectors are on my gallery.  
xylkaii Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
can someone make me a vector?
if you can..
mylittleponyfan100 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
SilverRainclouds i few weeks ago i think i asked if you can make e a rainbow crystal cutie mark and you said i link one of the Contributors
IceyAxe Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
just being curious but can somepony here help me create some vectors of my Main oc Icey Axe?
TimeyMarey007 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Are vectors that have been vectorized from dolls allowed? With crediting the basemaker, obviously.
SilverRainclouds Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015   Digital Artist
If the person who made the base is fine with it, and it's 100% vector, then yes that's fine.
Kaminoyouni Featured By Owner May 14, 2015
Any rules about trying to find an artist for commission (or request)? I've been looking for a while yet to get show accurate vectors make of my OC and EQG vectors (of my human OC) as well.
doggyfizzle39 Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Student Artist
Hi I was wondering if there is anyone else that can mentor me through Skype when I vector. Puncake already does this (and does an awesome job at it) but he lives in England and I live in the U.S. so I'm wondering if anyone here is willing to mentor me
koolfrood Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you help me post my oc on this group it says it wont let me even though i read the rules can u please look at it and accept it to the alicorn folder.………
Bitchpup Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
:iconshootingstarajm:  submitted stolen artwork to your group.

He just creates vectors over other people's artwork without getting their permission. 
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